Profile & Communication Options

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The Top Portion of the Profile Edit ScreenProfile & Communication Options allows you to update your own profile and configure a variety of email options and account-level preferences.  Unlike the control panels that appear under "Administrative Options," Profile & Communication Options is available to all clients and is used by clients to update their own preferences and settings.  Note that administrators can update a given client's profile and most account-level options through Client and Record Management.  Changes that an administrator makes while logged in and on the Profile & Communication Options screen are changes to the administrator's own account.

This chapter also covers the REGISTER FOR A NEW ACCOUNT form that clients must first fill out in order to access WCONLINE (as that form mirrors the "update profile" form and functionality).  The questions and answer options that appear on the registration and update profile forms are defined within Form Setup: Registrations.

Several features and settings in other areas of WCONLINE can impact the registration and update profile form.  For more information on each option, review Using Profile & Communication Options in this chapter as well as the manual entry for the setting itself.

Sections in this Chapter

SECTION 1: Using Profile & Communication Options