Staff and Resource Management

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Staff and Resource ManagementStaff and Resource Management allows you to add new staff and resources to your schedule, view details about your existing staff and resources, manage administrative access to your system, and configure a wide variety of resource-specific settings and restrictions.  Within WCONLINE, the people and things that clients make appointments with are called "staff and resources" (as WCONLINE can be used to schedule everything from staff, to lab stations, to center resources). Staff and resources are tied to specific schedules, so staff who return from semester-to-semester or staff that appear on multiple schedules must have one entry in this control panel per schedule on which they appear. 

Hover over the question mark icons within the control panel for more information about each configuration option. If you still have questions about a feature after having done so, find more information on that feature by going to the section in this chapter where that feature is located (as available at the bottom of this page). Typically, a center administrator will work through the options in this control panel when adding new staff to the system or when initially creating a new schedule for a new scheduling period.  

The Staff and Resource Management control panel is available under the "Schedule & Staff Management" section of the Welcome menu, and is typically available to full administrators only.  The control panel opens with an overview of current staff and resources.  It also provides tools for adding and editing resources, duplicating resources, and managing administrative access to the system.  Select a section title in order to go to the manual entry for the options in that area.

Sections in this Chapter

SECTION 1: Staff and Resource Overview

SECTION 2: Add or Edit: Introductory Settings

SECTION 3: Add or Edit: Staff & Resource Options

SECTION 4: Add or Edit: Email-Specific Options

SECTION 5: Duplicate Staff or Resources

SECTION 6: Administrative Access Management

SECTION 7: FAQ (Administrative Access, Notifications, and More)