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Mass Emails: FAQ (Images, Trouble with Receipt, and More)

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This section provides questions and answers on a variety of topics regarding WCONLINE's Mass Email Tool. Be sure to also review the tool's manual page, as questions answered there are not duplicated here.

How can I add images to my mass email?

Images can be added to mass emails using the image tool in the what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor's toolbar.  For more help with adding images, read our FAQ on the topic.

WCONLINE isn't sending mass emails or mass emails aren't being delivered or mass emails are showing up in spam filters.

If you send a mass email and receive the "success" message after sending the email, then WCONLINE did send the emails to the requested clients.  There wouldn't ever be a time when WCONLINE said an email was sent but failed to send the email out.

However, it's certainly possible that the institution blocked your email as spam or delivered the email to client spam folders.  To address this, read our FAQ on the topic.

Is there a record of mass emails sent through WCONLINE?

At the top of the Mass Email Tool, select the "View Mass Email Log" link from within the "Area Tools" menu.  When an email is sent, WCONLINE records the date the email was sent, the email's subject, and the name and IP address of the individual who sent the message, and displays that information in this log.  

WCONLINE doesn't record the body of the email that was sent through the tool; however, all sent emails are copied to the CENTER/SYSTEM EMAIL as listed in Global System Settings.  Therefore, if you have access to that email account, and if the sent email hasn't been deleted, you can find the contents of the email there.

How can I force all clients to receive mass emails?  How can I opt-in clients who have opted-out of receiving mass emails?

You can't.  Clients can opt-out of (or in to) receiving mass emails by editing their profile via the Profile & Communication Options link in their Welcome menu.  Administrators can opt clients out of receiving mass emails by editing the client's profile in Client and Record Management and changing the MASS EMAIL OPT-OUT option to "Do not send mass emails to this client."  

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