Client & Record Management

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Client and Record ManagementClient and Record Management allows you to work work with the accounts that have been created on your system.  Within WCONLINE, everyone who logs in to the system has to create an account by filling out your registration form (as defined in Form Setup: Registrations) or has to access an account that was created by an administrator for them.  Within this control panel, you can manage the registration details of clients and administrators, modify a client's permissions to use the system, reset passwords, and work with and manage deactivated accounts.

Hover over the question mark icons within the control panel for more information about each configuration option.  If you still have questions about a feature after having done so, find more information on that feature by going to the section in this chapter where that feature is located (as available at the bottom of this page).

The Client and Record Management control panel is available as the first "administrative option" of the Welcome menu.  It's typically available to full and basic administrators, although basic administrators can't use the control panel to change a full administrator's password or profile, delete client accounts, mass deactivate client accounts, or perform a mass domain update.

Sections in this Chapter

SECTION 1: Client and Record Management Overview

SECTION 2: Account Options

SECTION 3: Area Tools