In System Data Export (which you'll find under the "System Utilities & Reports" section of the Welcome menu), you'll find a variety of options for defining what data you want to export from WCONLINE.  Data is exported as Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheets, which allows you to work with your data outside of WCONLINE and in most major spreadsheet, database, or statistics programs.  You can also export your data to maintain your own offline backup, or you can work with your IT department to import WCONLINE exports into your data warehouse (in order to run queries across student data and WCONLINE data).

Keep in mind that WCONLINE is designed to make your data easy to use. Therefore, before exporting your data and working with it offline, take a look at the System Statistics Report and the Master Listings Report to see if either offers the presentation that you're looking for.

Configuration Options

At the top of System Data Export, you'll find several options for configuring the export.  Each option allows you to define exactly what data is exported.

Configuration Options

DATA TO EXPORT: This field defines the data set that you are exporting, as follows:

LIMIT TO SPECIFIC SCHEDULE: By default, System Data Export presents data from across all of your currently available schedules. This field lets you limit the export to a single schedule. Note that only schedules that have an AVAILABILITY of "Available to Everyone" or "Available to Administrators Only" (as set in Schedule Management) will appear in this list.  This option does not apply to the Condensed, Registration, Survey, Log, or Time Clock exports (or to the Custom Export if "appointment data" is not included).

STARTING DATE and ENDING DATE: These limits define the dates for which the export runs. The export will show data between (and inclusive of) the starting and ending dates set here.

INCLUDE UNATTACHED DATA: If you remove a question from one of your forms (by setting the question field to be blank in Form Setup or Module Setup: Surveys), the previously-collected data for that question will no longer be exported.  This option lets you include data from all twenty possible questions from your registration, appointment, client report, and survey forms (regardless of whether or not those questions are currently being used).

CUSTOM EXPORT CONFIGURATION: Check boxes to include registration, appointment, and/or client report form data, and then click "save custom export" at the bottom. As mentioned above, the selections are saved for future use. When you choose "Custom Export" from the DATA TO EXPORT menu, your export will include your selected fields.

Understanding the Export

Once you make changes to the available configuration options, select the "Export Data" button to export your data.  Depending on the amount of data being exported, compiling and downloading the data could take several minutes.  Additionally, if prompted by your browser to "allow downloads," you'll need to do so in order to receive the downloaded data. 

Export Example

System Data Export exports your data as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx file).  That file can be opened in any spreadsheet application including Google Sheets and Apple Numbers.  Once opened, you'll find the data that you exported.  The first row provides the column headers and includes the full question that the client responded to on the form (as well as a letter and number after the question that helps identify the location of that data on your forms).  The data from WCONLINE is returned on subsequent rows.  

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