Form Setup: System Forms
Updating Forms: Suggestions and Considerations

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In Form Setup: System Forms, this manual provides extensive information about adding new questions to the registration, appointment, client report, and survey forms.  This information is valid regardless of whether you are setting up your questions for the first time or if you're adding new questions to a given form; however, if you want to change one of your existing questions--from changing the order which the question appears on the form to adding a new option to the drop-down choices for an existing question--then be sure to review this chapter for important suggestions and considerations.

Changing the Order of Form Questions

Arrows for Moving Question OrderIn order to change the order that questions appear on your form, use the ORDER ON FORM ARROW ICONS that appear next to the question in one of the Form Setup or in the Module Setup: Surveys control panels.  To move a question up on the form, select the "up" arrow. To move a question down, select the "down" arrow.

DO NOT change the order of your form questions by copying one form question to another slot. The reason is simple.  Your data--existing answers to a given question--are tied to the question location in our database--not to whatever you enter in the QUESTION field.  This means that, if you copy and paste the question text between fields, previous answers to the question will now be found under another question label.  Using the ORDER ON FORM ARROW ICONS keeps the question and existing answers together while allowing you to change the question order.  You can, though, revise the text of the question itself at any time without any implications on your stored data.

Changing the Type of Response for a Question

You are able to define how a question is answered by entering specialized text in the POSSIBLE ANSWERS field.  For example, if you leave that field blank, the question will be answered via a short fill-in response.  If you enter "English,French,Spanish,Other" in that field, the question quill be answered by selecting either "English," "French," "Spanish," or "Other" from a drop-down menu.  Similarly, if you enter "CHECKBOX,SCI 1,CHM 2," the question will be answered by selecting one or more checkboxes that are labeled "SCI 1" and "CHM 2."  The way that a question is answered determines how that data is stored in your WCONLINE database:

This doesn't mean that you can't make form changes, but this does mean that you have to be careful when doing so.

Removing an Existing Question

In order to remove a question from an existing form, simply remove all text from the QUESTION field and save your changes.  Once you do so, the question will no longer appear on the associated form.

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