The Card Reader PromptWCONLINE can be paired with a card reader to allow clients and administrators to log in to the system, check in for their appointment, or access the time clock by swiping or scanning their institutional ID card at specific computers in your center.  Since WCONLINE is a stand-alone program, card reader support can be implemented without a connection to your institution's data warehouse and without any institutional IT support.  The first time that a client swipes their card, they'll be asked to attach that card to their WCONLINE account.  On subsequent visits (or on subsequent swipes), they'll be automatically logged in to WCONLINE after swiping their card.

Purchasing and Installing a Card Reader

WCONLINE's card reader functionality is compatible with most card readers and ID card technologies.  In order to work with WCONLINE, a card reader must have the following standard functionality:

In addition, the computer or kiosk used with the card reader has to have the following functionality:

As with all features of WCONLINE, the card reader functionality can be enabled at any time and without any additional cost (above, of course, the cost to procure a card reader device).  Therefore, you can "try" multiple card readers to see if they are compatible (or if they have the required functions to work) with WCONLINE.  

Many institutions have card reader devices available for their constituents to use, so we suggest first reaching out to your IT department to see if there are devices that you can try with WCONLINE.  If you decide to purchase a card reader, ensure that the reader is compatible with your ID cards (such as being a magnetic stripe card reader for ID cards that use magnetic stripes) and that it has the required functionality.  We have clients using a wide variety of card readers successfully with WCONLINE, but, because of the diversity with card readers and ID card technologies, we don't have specific recommendations about devices to purchase (with the one exception below).  Since nearly all devices work with WCONLINE, our suggestion is to try a device and, if it doesn't work even after working through the troubleshooting discussion below, return it and try another.

Once you have a card reader, plug it into your check-in computer or kiosk and follow any on-screen instructions for installing any necessary drivers.  Once the card reader is installed, continue to the next steps to enable card reader support in WCONLINE.

Enabling Card Reader Support

Once you've installed your card reader, you'll need to enable the card reader support within WCONLINE.  To do this, go to Global System Settings and review and set both the ENABLE CARD READER SUPPORT and CARD READER PROTOCOL on the fifth and last line of "General Settings" (as discussed further in the Global System Settings section of this manual.

If you want clients and staff to clock in and out via card swipe or to check in for their appointment via card swipethen you will also need to set up WCONLINE's time clock (if you haven't already).  That feature is set up in Module Setup: Time Clock and is discussed much more in-depth in the corresponding chapters in this manual.

Using the Card Reader

Once you've configured the card reader within WCONLINE, log out of WCONLINE on that computer.  As long as the configuration was successful, you'll be taken to the card reader login page.  In order to log in, an individual simply needs to swipe their ID card and follow the on-screen instructions.

If an individual has never used their ID card with WCONLINE before, then they'll be asked to attach the card to their account after their first swipe.  Since WCONLINE doesn't connect to your institution's data warehouse, attaching a card to an account is how WCONLINE knows to associate a given card with a given account on future swipes.  To attach the card, the individual simply logs in to WCONLINE after swiping their card.

Once an individual has a card attached to their account, they'll be logged in automatically when they swipe their card.  If you've configured your time clock in Module Setup: Time Clock (as discussed above), then individuals will be asked to clock in or out after swiping (and can chose to also go directly to the schedule); otherwise, individuals will be taken directly to the schedule display after successfully swiping their card.

Card Attached IconIf an individual gets a new ID card that contains different data than the card that they previously attached to their account, then they'll be asked to attach the new card to their account after they swipe it for the first time.  Attaching the new card replaces the old card automatically.  Administrators can also remove a card attached to an individual's account by searching for the individual in Client and Record Management and then selecting the card icon that appears next to the individual's name.  If a card icon doesn't appear, then that means that the individual doesn't have a card attached to their account.

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