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Addressing Emails Not Being Received (or Emails Sent to Spam)

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WCONLINE will always send emails if set to do so. In other words, if you set the system to send appointment confirmation emails, or if you send a mass email, or if you set the system to send nightly reminders, then those emails will always--without exception--be sent.

If emails are not being received, they're most likely being blocked or are going to spam filters.  The first step in addressing this is to check the content of your messages.  In our experience, emails that are sent with very little text-based content and include large images (such as if a flyer is embedded in the email and used as the primary content of the email) are routinely blocked or marked as spam.  Additionally, emails which "sound" like sales emails can also trigger a block.  This would include short messages that read something like, "Check out our newly remodeled center!  Try our coffee, and stay for awhile.  Appointments can be made online today!"  Try revising your messages to include as much text-based content as is needed to convey your message.

If messages continue to be blocked or sent to spam folders, then you'll need to reach out to your institutional IT department and request that they whitelist our email servers.  This is an easy process--especially since our WCONLINE email servers are only used to send requested email from your WCONLINE site, and since those servers are all behind a single IP.  Specifically, once your institution whitelists the IP, all emails sent by WCONLINE will be delivered to your clients and won't go to spam filters.

Sections in this Chapter

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