A lot of centers have a special finals week schedule that adds a week or maybe two weeks of different hours onto the end of their regular schedule. Keep in mind that "finals week" can mean any one-time scheduling brief scheduling need with different availabilities than your standard schedule.  Our recommendation is to simply add a new schedule for your finals week.

Adding a Finals Week Schedule

To get started, go to Schedule Management and add a new schedule.  Consider adding the words "finals week" in the SCHEDULE TITLE and set the AVAILABLE DATES and AVAILABLE TIMES to the dates and times that span your finals week opening hours.  In Staff and Resource Management, click the "duplicate staff and resources" link at the top of the page and duplicate your existing staff and resources onto your new finals week schedule.  Finally, use Starting Availability Management to enter your staff and resource schedules for finals week.

If you already set up your main schedule through the end of finals week and now need to change to start a new finals week schedule, simply edit your main schedule in Schedule Management and set the AVAILABLE DATES to reflect an earlier closing date for the schedule.  If you want to call attention to your new schedule, you could send an email via the Mass Email Tool or add an announcement via Announcement Management.

Other Options

If your finals week hours fall within the existing starting and ending times of your schedule, then you can edit your existing schedule (in Schedule Management) and edit your existing hours (in Blackouts Time Management) to adjust your staff to reflect your finals week availability.  For detailed information about these changes, view our step-by-step instructions for making scheduling changes.

If your finals week is an extension of your existing schedule, and you would like to make the schedule end later and add hours for staff and resources through the new ending date, first edit the existing schedule (in Schedule Management), and then use Starting Availability Management to enter your staff and resources' hours for finals week.

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