WCONLINE recognizes an administrator by the email address that the individual uses to log in to the system. To add another administrator, you'll simply tell WCONLINE the email address associated with that other individual. To do that, go to Staff and Resource Management in your Welcome menu. Then, select “Administrative Access Management” from the "Area Tools" menu at the top of that area. Finally, use the form at the bottom of the page to add the individual's email address to the list of administrators.

Once you've done that (and once that individual registers for an account by filling out the registration form), that individual will be recognized as an administrator automatically when he or she next logs in. For more information, go to the manual section on administrators in WCONLINE.

Sections in this Chapter

SECTION 1: Creating a First or New Schedule

SECTION 2: Addressing Emails Not Being Received (or Emails Sent to Spam)

SECTION 3: Adding Images to Announcements, Bios, and Mass Emails

SECTION 4: Multiple Centers Sharing a Subscription

SECTION 5: Adding New Administrators

SECTION 6: Accessing and Changing Your WCONLINE URL

SECTION 7: Drop-Ins and Walk-Ins

SECTION 8: Different "Finals Week" Schedules

SECTION 9: Individual Not Recognized as an Administrator

SECTION 10: Using Group Appointments with Focuses

SECTION 11: Students Select a Different Course and Focus