Your WCONLINE subscription permanently resides at a dedicated web address or URL.  URLs typically contain your institutional domain and end in or  You should distribute this web address to your staff and clients.

Make note of your exact URL and only use and advertise that exact URL.  SSL certificates, which are used to provide encrypted "https" access to all WCONLINE sites, are specific to your domain.  Browsers will correctly show connection errors if you start your URL with a "www," for example, as that is not part of your site's address.

While we cannot change your URL (as your site's data is encrypted with keys specific to the web address that you use), you can set a VANITY ADDRESS in Global System Settings.  That address provides you with a custom, short URL that you can use to access your site.  Read about that option in Global System Settings for more information.

Sections in this Chapter

SECTION 1: Creating a First or New Schedule

SECTION 2: Addressing Emails Not Being Received (or Emails Sent to Spam)

SECTION 3: Adding Images to Announcements, Bios, and Mass Emails

SECTION 4: Multiple Centers Sharing a Subscription

SECTION 5: Adding New Administrators

SECTION 6: Accessing and Changing Your WCONLINE URL

SECTION 7: Drop-Ins and Walk-Ins

SECTION 8: Different "Finals Week" Schedules

SECTION 9: Individual Not Recognized as an Administrator

SECTION 10: Using Group Appointments with Focuses

SECTION 11: Students Select a Different Course and Focus