In Global System Settings (which you'll find under the "System Configuration" section of the Welcome menu), you can define a variety of system-wide settings and controls. Within the "Area Tools" menu, you'll find links to a variety of tools that also enable global changes throughout your WCONLINE site. The final tool, "Zoom Integration," allows you to replace WCONLINE's Online Consultation Module with Zoom.

Zoom Integration

Zoom Integration SetupIn order to replace WCONLINE's Online Consultation Module with Zoom, you'll need to complete the following steps.  These steps require account-level access to the Zoom account and, often at institutions, require support from IT departments.  While we're certainly happy to help, the fact that all of these settings and steps are found outside of WCONLINE makes it difficult for us to provide additional instruction.

Once complete, all online sessions will be conducted through Zoom as soon as a client or staff member clicks on the "Start or Join" link on the appointment form.  

If you continue to be taken to the Online Consultation Module even after completing these steps, then that does mean that something is configured incorrectly.  In that case, our recommendation would be to check your API values, ensure that you’ve listed institutional email addresses for your staff in their listing in Staff and Resource Management, and ensure that those email addresses are listed as users under the main Zoom account (which is automatic with most institutional plans at Zoom). If none of that helps, you’ll need to reach out to Zoom or to your IT department directly.

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SECTION 1: Introductory Settings

SECTION 2: General Settings

SECTION 3: File Upload-Specific Settings

SECTION 4: Registration-Specific Settings

SECTION 5: Cross-Schedule Limits

SECTION 6: System Color Settings

SECTION 7: Social Media

SECTION 8: No-Show Policy and Enforcement

SECTION 9: Cancelation Policy and Enforcement

SECTION 10: Access Control

SECTION 11: API Configuration

SECTION 12: Authentication Options

SECTION 13: Language Options

SECTION 14: Zoom Integration

SECTION 15: Zoom Integration (Beta)