In Global System Settings (which you'll find under the "System Configuration" section of the Welcome menu), you can define a variety of system-wide settings and controls. The final section in Global System Settings, titled "Control Panel & Feature Access" and available by selecting "ACCESS" in the "JUMP TO" links, lets you define what control panels and features basic administrators can and cannot access. As with all control panels, be sure to hover over the question mark icons for more information about each configuration option.

Full administrators can always access all control panels listed in the 'Welcome' menu and all features within WCONLINE. Basic administrators can only access those control panels designated within this control panel and can have their access further limited to specific features or tools within the program. Regardless of the settings in this area, basic administrators do not have the ability to delete large amounts of data (such as would happen if a schedule was deleted) or the ability to manage administrative access.

Access Control Options

Control Panel and Feature Access

By default, basic administrators have access to CLIENT REPORT FORMS and CLIENT AND RECORD MANAGEMENT.  This allows basic administrators to view a client's profile, manage appointments, prepare for a session by reviewing client report forms, and enter and edit post-session client report forms.  To give basic administrators access to a control panel or feature, set the option to "Basic & Full Administrators."  To make a control panel only available to full administrators, set the option to "Full Administrators."  To return to our recommendations and the default values, select the "Reset access control options to the system default." option in the introductory text.  

In our experience, it's rare to give basic administrators access to the following control panels as these control panels provide control over major settings within the program: 

Also in our experience, it's rare to give basic administrators access to the following features as these features are typically needed by center administrators only:

Centers who want staff to set up their own listings in Staff and Resource Management and who want those staff to enter their initial schedules themselves typically give basic administrators access to:

Centers who want staff to be able to modify their own availability typically give basic administrators access to:

Centers that need to keep client report forms confidential to staff as well as clients would most likely adjust, under "Feature Access," the following:

Finally, centers that want to remove all administrators' access to the option to add an off-schedule client report form (for meetings or notes that could not be recorded as appointments) would adjust the following:

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